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  • How can I move the single product thumbnails to be displayed left of the primary image instead of below it?

    I’ve thought of two ways to do it.

    • Move the div class “thumbnails” tag before the a class “zoom” tag
    • Use CSS somehow

    I’ve tried to move the thumbnails div, which I found generated in a do_action in the single-product/product-image.php template (which I copied to the theme folder). But if I move it before the primary image in that file, the contents of the thumbnails are wrong, i.e. the first thumbnail is the same as the primary image, and the thumbnail that should be first is missing.

    What would be a good way to do it?

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  • I found that the thumbnail gets replaced by add-to-cart-variation.js, so moving the do_action seems to be a bad idea. So how can I get the thumbnails div on top, or to the left of the primary image?

    I would like products listed on a single page with out showing the thumbnail images. Is the an easy way to do that? Also, how can I display more details about a product on a all products type page? Thanks in advance!!!

    @popovski Please make your own thread when you have questions of your own. Your questions don’t seem to be related to a single product page.

    yeah, css should work fine
    something like this:

    div.product div.images>img{float:right;width:75%}
    div.product div.images div.thumbnails{float:left;width:30%}
    div.product div.images div.thumbnails a{width:45%}

    Using CSS worked fine. I learned a lot about floats too. 🙂 I’m grateful to you for aiding me in finding a solution.

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