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    Is there a filter to move the metabox to the bottom of the page? My ACF fields are getting placed after the SEO metabox. Whats weird is that this wasn’t always the case. It just happened after logging in today. All users are experiencing the same issue.

    I apologize if this was asked before but I couldn’t find any information about it in my search.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi kareemt,

    That’s weird indeed, maybe there’s an external plugin update which moved them around with action priority.

    I’ll go test it out myself, and I’ll see if I can implement a filter which gives you control over this for 2.6.0.

    I’ll get back to you once I know more. Have a great day!

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Ill dig around some more and see if I can figure out what caused it to happen all of a sudden.
    I appreciate you looking into this.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi kareemt,

    Did you use Jetpeck for the ACF, or did you use another plugin?
    I’d love to check it out so I can pinpoint this issue.

    Thanks and have a wonderful day :).

    Hi Sybre,

    I used Advanced Custom Fields. That and your plugin are the only 2 plugins on the site right now, we are still in development and working locally otherwise i would share the site with you.


    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi kareemt,

    You can manually move the Metabox below the Custom Fields with your mouse.
    This preference will automatically be saved for all the same post types.

    AFC doesn’t really add the Custom Fields by the WordPress standards I’m used to, but all works very well :).
    The AFC are generated on the fly and might hold different metabox ID’s. This can cause a switch — although I can’t say for sure (I only have limited time on my hands at the moment).

    In the next update there will be a filter present to change the location of the Metabox. Which is:

    add_filter( 'the_seo_framework_metabox_priority', 'my_seo_metabox_priority' );
    function my_seo_metabox_priority() {
    	//* Accepts 'high', 'default', 'low'. Default is 'high'.
    	return 'high';

    A few other priorities names are accepted. But I do not recommend using those as they are reserved by WordPress.

    Also, this filter doesn’t work if you’ve already sorted it (moved it). This is because of a per-user setting. It does work for new users who haven’t moved Metaboxes yet.

    I hope this helps and clears things up :).

    This is awesome! thanks so much for looking into this.

    The per-user setting is exactly why I wanted this filter, so that the meta boxes where in the right place for new users.

    Thanks again! Keep up the great work with this plugin!

    YOAST SEO hook for priority is wpseo_metabox_prio.

    Change YOAST SEO metabox to the bottom:

    function wpm_seo_metabox_priority() {
    	//* Accepts 'high', 'default', 'low'. Default is 'high'.
    	return 'low';
    add_filter( 'wpseo_metabox_prio', 'wpm_seo_metabox_priority' );
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