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  • I have some trouble with the single product page layout in Deli Theme.

    1. I want to center the product title (put it on top of the product image and not in the right column).

    2. I need to move the product tabs on top of the description so the description can go full width instead of being in the righthand column which makes it very, very, long..
    The default layout unfortunately creates a lot of blank space which can not be used (underneath SKU/categories as well as underneath the tabs) which makes the visitor scroll a lot in order to see the footer.. 🙁
    here is a link to a product page on my website to clarify the layout changes i want to make.

    I was searching the internet for over a day now and didn’t find any working solution. Is there any way to do this? Preferably with CSS, as i do not really now how to use hooks.

    thanks in advance,

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  • Hi tomre,

    I had a similar problem with my Deli Theme Product Page and I’ve openned a theread on Storefront Forum. I had a light speed and very useful answer.
    I don’t know if this is suitable for you, but for me it worked.

    Any chance of posting the solution as i’m finding it difficult to find where you got the solution.

    This did it in the custom.css

    .woocommerce-tabs ul.tabs {

    content: “” !important;

    font-family: FontAwesome !important;

    height: 1em !important;

    left: 50% !important;

    line-height: 1!important;

    margin-left: -0.5em!important;

    position: absolute!important;

    top: 100%!important;

    width: 1em!important;


    .woocommerce-tabs ul.tabs {

    float: none !important;

    margin-right: 0;

    text-align: center !important;

    width: 100% !important;


    .woocommerce-tabs ul.tabs li {

    display: inline-block !important;

    margin-right: 1em !important;

    position: relative !important;

    border-bottom: 0 !important;


    .woocommerce-tabs .entry-content {

    width: 100% !important;


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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