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    This is a dumb question, not really a support question, and I can’t believe I’m asking it. I’m happily running a four language multisite in a primary site with three subdomains. Thus: (primary, in english)

    I like the consistency of having the English language site also with a subdomain language prefix, so I would want:

    Now if I do that, what happens with the empty root domain primary site? It would be empty, because I wouldn’t actually want any content on the address. Your plugin is brilliant, and handles browser language redirect perfectly, but I can’t understand the concept now, even though I’ve been running the damn thing for close to two years.

    You might suggest that I just rename the primary site to en. but I don’t think of the English site as the Primary Site. It’s just one of the four. So I’m just a bit (obviously) confused.

    I know HOW to move it, so this is not really a support question, but I’m just hoping you can explain….. multisite to me again, like I’m five. I can’t find anything in any forums about this, unfortunately.

    So sorry, but thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Author Guido Scialfa


    Hi @wheeleran,

    Multisite allows you to run more than one site with a single WordPress installation where you have one primary site and so called “sub sites”.

    I guess this could explain well the concept

    A multisite network is a collection of sites that all share the same WordPress installation. They can also share plugins and themes. The individual sites in the network are virtual sites in the sense that they do not have their own directories on your server, although they do have separate directories for media uploads within the shared installation, and they do have separate tables in the database.


    I never found someone needed to explicitly define the main site with the code language but in case you want I guess the solution could be using redirect directly within the htaccess or more simply trying a plugin like:,

    I don’t know if this could impact seo or not and I never used one to redirect the main site, so be sure to have the ftp access in order to delete the plugin if this cause issues.

    Btw, just for curiosity which are the advantages to have a configuration like that?

    hi guido.

    so are you saying that my current set up is the correct one? I hadn’t thought of specific “advantages” and I hadn’t thought about SEO. it’s purely a psychological thing for me; wanting the English site to also have the prefix ‘en.’ but then I was confused about what actually is the definition of a Primary site, or Main site as you put it, and I had no idea what ‘’ would actually be if I moved the English site to a subdomain as well. can you explain this to me? are multisite usually set up from the beginning with a simple choice – “what’s my primary language?” – and then putting all the other languages is subsites? i’d really like some advice on this, because if I move my Primary site to a subdomain – – then ‘’ is empty and has no front end content, or function beyond hosting the network admin. is THIS right? multilingualpress will handle the browser language detection and redirect English browsers to .en, i’m sure. it does it beautifully with the other sites. but is my thinking even correct?

    hope to hear from you.

    Plugin Author Guido Scialfa


    so are you saying that my current set up is the correct one?


    …Main site as you put it, and I had no idea what ‘’ would actually be if I moved the English site to a subdomain as well. can you explain this to me?

    MultilingualPress will take care of the redirection (if you enable the option) depending on the user browser settings but not sure multilingualpress will works correctly if you have your primary site in english and want to redirect to en.domain. In this case you have to setup your main site into a different language and create a sub site for english but this doesn’t make sense, if a visitor with that language will land to that page you’ll show an empty page.

    Common practice is, main site with the main language of the site, other sites are subdomain/directory sites with their own languages.

    This is how generally a multilingual site is setup and how MultilingualPress works out of the box.



    Thanks, Guido. That is the answer and the reassurance I was looking for! Question resolved.

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