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  • On I started to chronicle the install of solar panels on my house, it took about 7 posts over as many days on the main page plus I also created a stand alone page where I will be posting some data on the system over the next year into a Wp-Table.

    The vendor just advised me that he’s been sending potential customers to my site to give them a 1st hand view of what to expect, I need to get the individual posts migrated into the page so these people don’t have to read about my antics or have to scroll through a ton of stuff to find the install pics and my posts.

    Is there an easy way to move these posts off the main page or copy them to the stand along page and preserve the links to my gallery etc.?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Personally, I’d open up the DB in PHPMyAdmin and change the post_type from post to page.

    That’ll be your easiest option.

    Open the page that you are going to consolidate the content in the editor. Go to a post (the regular web view not in the editor) you want to copy – copy the post and paste it into the consolidated page. (plain paste, not text or Word doc or the links will go away)

    Repeat as required to put all the old posts on the consolidated page.

    Has worked fine for me – touch the new page up as required for the story flow.

    Ok so there is no mass-move or bulk move feature, along the same note is there a way to make a “page” not the main page mind you, behave like the main page where posts can be made to it or am I limited to the copy/paste mode you suggested here.


    Well you could make your Solar Page the parent page.
    Make a child page of Solar, and move (yes by hand) your posts into the page or pages you made.

    to get a ‘blog’ page besides your home page :
    Or perhaps set up a new Page under Solar and somehow pull the RSS feeds of the Posts you want to move into this Page. I am guessing here, but think someone else may know more.

    Perhaps if the posts were in a specific category getting the RSS feed would be easier. I just saw this somewhere on this forum so know it can be done.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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