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Move one menu item to the far right

  • Hello I’ve searched and folloed the instructions given in the topic below but it didn’t work for me.
    I’ve tried a bunch of different combinations but can’t find the one that controls it.

    The site is at http://www.sudanunion.com and I’m trying to move the ‘Donations’ menu item to the far right

    I’ve tried

    .page_item page-item-278 { float:right!important; }
    .page_item page-item-278
    #menu ul li.page-item page-item-278
    #access li.page-item page-item-278

    Are you able to show me the correct command please


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  • hi Tim,

    add the following code to your child theme’s css:

    .menu ul

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I tried but it didn’t move anything
    I also tried
    .page_item page-item-161 { margin-right:400px; }

    It was good thinking but might have looked odd on smartphones.

    This should be so easy but the answer completely evades me.



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    Margin-right would move it AWAY from the right side. Try this:

    #access li.page-item-278 {
       padding-left: 370px;

    There is a problem with doing that — which is that when the browser window is narrower — it drops to the bottom line.

    Hi, tim…i checked both mine and WPyogi’s solutions one more time…both seem to be working…but i’d go with WPyogi’s solution than mine.If u want your theme to be responsive, specify the values in percentages, instead of pixels and use media-queries, to align the links properly for different browser sizes.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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