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  • I had my blog on until recently when I had it moved over to I had about a hundred wordpress followers and email subscribers who would receive updates when I created a post. I now have to manually resubscribe these followers to my .org blog, I have installed the subscribe2 widget/plugin and have downloaded the list of email subscribers and resubscribed them, that’s great. My problem is that I don’t know how to resubscribe the people following me through wordpress, I can’t see where I can download the list. Is it possible to do?

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    I don’t think that’s possible. followers are purely internal to

    ugh, that is not good news, should have looked into that before I moved it! thanks for your reply

    Not true esmi – you CAN see your followers:

    Go to your Site Stats page (from your blog’s Dashboard). There is a ‘Totals, Subscriptions, and Shares’ module – click the subscribers link in that module then active followers > email followers.


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    Not in a self-hosted WordPress site.

    O i see what you mean, well can’t he just put in each email on the front?

    It is the wordpress followers that I want to move to my self hosted WP blog, I don’t have email addresses for them, they are following through the system, so i think Esmi is correct and I can’t transfer them to follow my blog, which sucks because it’s the same blog just with a different hosting. It’s really annoying.

    OK well send a post on the old blog which explains everything politely and the upgrade and how things are improving etc etc… and why they should ‘click here’ and resubscribe ‘ to avoid minimum disruption’ to receiving more exciting posts etc…!

    Then after a week delete the old blog.

    Best wishes


    So you did look where I sasid earlier and there were no email adresses?

    Just checking in on the thread because I’m interested in moving subscribers from my .com to my .org. Has anyone found any good plugins for this or is the post and hope method all we have?

    jonnydrury is correct in that you can download your email subscribers (go to “Totals, Followers & Shares” in your “Site Stats” on You’ll see links to ‘blog’ and ‘comments’ followers. “email followers” can be downloaded as .csv) but Esmi is correct in the sense that you can’t download a list of subscribers (non-email). Does anyone else have a solution to this?

    Just a thought, will the paid for ‘Happiness Engineers’ migration actually migrate the subscribers?

    To where? There is no equivalent mechanism in .ORG

    To where? There is no equivalent mechanism in .ORG

    Wow, I was unaware, so you’re saying that there is no ‘Jetpack’ or other add in which will provide this functionality? This migration stuff is a big headache…

    Jetpack exists for wordpress to bring some .COM functionality to .ORG blogs.

    I don’t believe the functionality exists to link user base from .COM followers to .ORG

    I have jetpack on all my sites, I’ll poke around, but I do not believe that linking is there, or possible. Not sure if it is planned at all….

    Thanks Rev Voodoo. Appreciate the feedback. Will try to think of an alternative solution.

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