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  • Hi,

    my Blog is currently available through I would like to move it to Well, I know this is no problem, for the mere content. My Problems are the Rss feeds. How can I manage it to have the old paths to the feeds and make new ones avaiable through Because as far as I can see it, if I change the Blog Path in the WP Options the old feeds, at least those through permalinks, like /feed/ etc., are unavailable any more. Or am I wrong?

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  • How about using htaccess to redirect and avoid 404s?

    Well, I have no idea about .htaccess. I mean, i use it for permalinks. But that was made through wordpress itself. I have no problem about going through google and find all the pieces I need. But maybe someone knows a good hack for that already.

    I use this plugin. If you activate it, it will create a new feed for you, which you go into your feedburner account and edit the URL/source //

    My bloglines “subscribe’let” doesn’t show you have a feedburner account. This will still work I believe. You just publicize the new feedburner feed, mention for others to sign up new feed, and those that don’t should automatically get redirected anyway with the plugin.

    Thanks. I tried it with feedburner earlier. And I am not quite very getting “warm” with it (so we say in germany. It’s not a “first-choice” tool for me.). But maybe I will try it again with it.

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