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  • bsingler


    Hi I am an absolute newbie to both wordpress and code on a very steep learning curve. I am looking to resolve the exact same issue as resolved here below but need some more basic instructions.

    ” #header .nav-toggle {
    top: 3em !important;
    This time put it at the bottom of your custom.css styles. I’ve added the !important to it, but even if it doesn’t work, please let it there”

    when you visit my site on a mobile device when i have a larger logo the menu button overlaps the logo. Even when i have a smaller logo like the page has now, the menu button is over on the right floating in the middle of nowhere and barely even looks like a menu button. Ideally if it could end up on the left below my logo that would be perfect.

    If you could please advise if i should add the same above code and exactly where to put it.

    Please feel free to explain it like you are teaching a 3 year old as that is my wordpress/code developmental age lol 🙂

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