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  • Is it possible to move the liveblog in my single entry hierarchy?

    It’s currently part of the_content, or in div .entry-content in my theme.

    I want to put it as a separate thing between the single entry and the comments.

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  • Most important thing to know about this plugin is how it stores items bound to Post – > they are comments. So to import post comments we can use simple wp import feature, previously exported single post as xml and then import it. BUT it will import useless post_meta’s from old theme.
    To solve it :
    1) export post with comments as usuall from original site.
    2) prepare same post on new one, enable LiveBlog feature on this post and adjust all settings\content as needed.
    3) make export file of a newly created post where we would like to import our LiveBlog items
    4) open in good text editor like Notepad++ or something like that both files, and copy all <wp:comment> sections of xml from Original one to new one, paste them right after last <wp:postmeta> item in xml and save.
    5) remove newly created post from site where we want to import our Post with Liveblog items and clear Trash.
    6) import our modified xml file, assign author as usual.
    7) open just imported post in editing mode, Enable LiveBlog feature for this post and switch it to Archive mode. Click publish. That’s it.
    Probably I’ve misunderstood question and you’ve asked about moving templates into separate file. Bt hope someone will find it usefull.

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    I’m sorry if my opening post wasn’t clear.

    What I’m trying to achieve is moving the liveblog container out of the single post.

    Currently my single post looks like this:

       <div id="entry-content">
          <div id="liveblog-container">
             [liveblog entries here]
    <div id="comments">

    [Moderator note: code fixed. Please wrap code in the backtick character or use the code button.]

    I want the liveblog-container to appear between the <article> and <div id=”comments”>

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