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  • I am hosted with Godaddy. I found out that somewhere in the agreement there is a limit to the amount of files you can have in a folder.

    I have to either delete more move these files.

    Currently I do not have WordPress saving into date folders. An option anyone using Godaddy will have to use.

    Is there a way to update old posts if I move images into separate folders? Or does anyone have a better idea on how to resolve this?

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  • Please note, that even if your pictures are moved somewhere else, they will send you another account suspension email. If your are having a good traffic and a substantial amount of media files. Try switching from shared hosting to VPS, or consider using CDN for storing and delivering your media.
    Good luck


    I’m sorry to hear you’ve found yourself in this situation. I understand this may be a frustrating issue to resolve as I’m not aware of any automated solution for dealing with it.

    To clarify, for those who don’t know the details, Go Daddy may require a user rearrange files if there are more than 1024 files in any single folder. That’s a lot of files to be in one place, and having more than that negatively affects performance of the hosting servers. This rule is in place to protect performance for other users who share the server(s).

    Thankfully, most users do not encounter this problem because the default setting for WordPress is to organize uploaded files by year and month. With that enabled, you’d only have an issue if you generated more than 1024 files in the uploads area in a single calendar month.

    As for updating your existing site, you can update individual posts by editing the path in the HTML of individual posts, but as I said earlier, I’m not aware of how this can be automated or done in bulk.

    In response to Nihad, you should NOT get an additional violation notice once the issue is resolved. We want our customers to be happy and successful. We do need to have some rules in place to keep things running smoothly for all users, but I like to think we’re fair and accommodating when issues like this arise.

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    Oh,one more thing, what about CPU usage limit? If you got traffic?????????????


    I’m not sure I understand the basis of your question. We may be required to suspend service for any user negatively affecting other users, regardless of the cause of the performance hit (could be CPU overuse or any other factor). However, I should not that, with our 4GH service, suspension for CPU overuse is not common.

    Updating all of our posts really wasn’t an option, since it would require a lot of time and Godaddy already prevented us access for not hurrying. They then gave me access again and I was under the gun to correct this remaining folder.

    I ended up deleting any thumbnail generated files. Most go unused anyways, but I scanned old posts and try to update all of the popular posts.

    Next I deleted any image sizes that were small. I would rather icons stop showing up instead of large photos for our posts.

    I could have moved all the files to another host and then done a search & replace that searched for images in posts that started with my domain name and replaced it with the new domain name.

    That probably wont be an option either for most who have this problem since they usually have only one host.

    I understand Godaddy has this policy, but it is sure it is not easily apparent to most. Also, Godaddy should have altered me when it was first a problem, not after I contacted support and had several folders from several domains loaded with images and content.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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