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    Since it’s a fixed width design and the header image is assigned to be exact 980px width and 155px height, you should just make your image to be that dimension exactly.

    Use any image editing software to create a transparent png of 980×155 and then place your logo on the right. Also, your logo should not have that white background in it.

    But if you are happy with logo on the left, put this in child theme stylesheet or Custom CSS plugin

    #site-title { margin-left: 180px; }

    Unfortunately, this did not work. It only moved it up in the header – it did not move it over.

    I’m a complete novice with this code so perhaps I put it in the wrong place – but it did move it so I’m thinking I must be close.

    Thanks for all of your help. I’m anxious to get this done as the Lodge needs their website back and I don’t want to turn it over until I get this fixed.



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    Did you put that directly into theme’s style.css ? If that’s so, revert that into its original. Make a decision whether to use Childtheme or Custom CSS.

    To put the code in child theme stylesheet, create a child theme, install and activate, and put that into style.css just under @import line

    To put the code via Custom CSS plugin, just install one of these plugins, and put the code into its setting.

    I used the Custom CSS plugin option and it worked beautifully! Thank you so very much for your assistance.

    I’m going to check the padding (I think) and try to get it moved down a little bit within the header but otherwise, it looks great.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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