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move from serif Webplus to wordpress

  • Soulreaver99


    I would like to transfer from creating my website in serif webplus to doing it with wordpress. My website is hosted through namesco and I have my own domain name. It’s going to take a while to re-do the website as I don’t think I can transfer it in any way. I don’t want to be without a functioning website in the meantime. I am a little confused about how to start creating my website in wordpress whilst still having my website up and running via webplus. I have downloaded the files to my PC but do I have to log in to namesco and create directories to start the process off? And if I do that will I still be able to keep running and updating the website via webplus in the meantime? The main thing I don’t understand is how and where you create the wordpress site. Do you do it online or offline? I have already created a blog on wordpress.com which seemed easy enough but understand that you can’t use that to create a full blown website with your own domain name and hosting etc. Thanks.

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  • bemdesign


    Try using a local server setup like WAMP/MAMP. Build out your site there. Once completed, use a WordPress plugin like Duplicator to duplicate your local site which you can then move that “clone” up to your server. Then unzip the package and run the SQL script on your database (this will build out your WordPress database with all the tables and data). Then update the wp-config.php file to match the correct server database on the server with the correct database username and password (not the same as your local database and not the same as your WordPress login – see instructions on how to install WordPress if you have questions.) After that you should be able to see your WordPress site – you may now need to run a find and replace across your database to replace any “local” URLs with the correct URLs of your actual live site/domain (this can also be done in the Duplicator plugin with the install section).

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