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  • Hi, I installed wp 3.2 month ago on root/aa/ as a single user. I create a subdomain for it, and build a site, works fine.

    Now I just installed wp 3.3 in the root, and configured network (by subdomain) for multi sites. I have set up children sites as,

    I want to move all content from to Can someone give me an idea how? I have built lists of products in the old site and don’t want to rebuild again..

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Tools > Export from to create a WP export file, then Tools > Import from the backend of would do it.

    thanks for reply. I tried, but when importing, get a list of failure. Most come from my product and goods list and media. e.g.:

    Failed to import product Featured
    Failed to import product Flour
    Failed to import wpsc_product_category Flour Snacks
    Failed to import wpsc_product_category Meat Feast
    Failed to import “Rice Cake”: Invalid post type goods
    Failed to import Media “lumian”
    Failed to import Media “f_kaoniangao”
    Failed to import “Auto Draft”: Invalid post type wpsc-product

    Actually I really care is just move my goods,products list, and pages over. Is there a manual way to do it? like just move over db tables, pages?

    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Are they normal posts or CPTs?

    No, they are not posts. It is a e-commerce theme. They are products with pictures, and price, category. I have pages for each product to show details of it. I added product one by one in the admin panel. Then they automatically showed in the product page. I have installed the theme in my new site. I just need to move the product list over, and those product detail pages.

    I exported in old site. It is a xml file with only 150kb. Is the file size normal? it is so small.. Then I got error when import. Is possible because my older site use wp 3.2, and the new site is using 3.3 ?

    No, they are not posts. It is a e-commerce theme.

    In order for these ‘products’ to exist, they have to be uploaded somehow into WordPress.

    This comes in three forms: Posts or Pages or Custom Post-Types.

    Without knowing how your ecommerce theme is storing these, we can’t tell you how to extract them. You need to go find out where the data is. Are they stored in Custom Post-Types (aka CPTS) or what?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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