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    Posted this yesterday in the general support forum before remembering there was a multisite forum:

    To use an existing SSL certificate I need to move our site from not using www by default to use www so we don’t get security errors. I’m running 3.0 Multisite with the Domain Mapping plugin. I had WP-Super Cache but disabled it and deleted the cache files for the time being.

    I’ve tried search and replace for and replacing with on the database as well as adding the following redirect rule to .htaccess.

    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^domain\.com [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$1 [R=301,L]

    Neither have worked. If i just do the .htaccess redirect, it produces a redirect loop. If I do the search and replace adding to the database along with the .htaccess redirect, all pages and links are redirected back to the homepage. Am I missing something? Is there a different way to do it with a multisite setup?

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    Check your wp-config.php file for what the basic name is? I think you have a DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE as and not

    I believe I tried changing that, but I set the DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE as “”.

    Should it be the full url?

    Also, in researching I came across this post from Andrea on this issue for WPMU,

    I started the site in MU and have since upgraded to 3.0. She mentions the problem in her post will be fixed with 3.0, but I still have the wpmu-settings.php file in my root folder. Is this safe to remove? Or do I need to keep it since I’ve upgraded from MU and did not do a clean install?

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    Should be WITHOUT the http:// — The forum changes it for me!

    Under Super Admin -> Sites, click on Edit for your main site and check what the URL is. Mine is (since I don’t like the www). Yours should be www. obviously. Just making sure it’s everywhere.

    I think you can get rid of that file. Try renaming it to .txt to see what happens?

    OK, I think I got it almost working. I changed the DOMAIN_CURRENT_SIte to “” and also did a search/replace through the database to update the urls to “”. Now entering, you are redirected correctly to, and all the links on the page work correctly leading to

    One problem remains, trying to enter a page’s url directly, like only leads back to Would I have to do something in .htaccess to get these to direct to the right place?

    Side Note: When I first made the changes, my admin links all lead to my home page. But removing or renaming wpmu-settings.php like you suggested took care of that with no apparent side effects. I must have mistakenly left that in my root folder when I did the upgrade.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Where did you put your .htaccess rule? Above the WordPress section?

    I use the same one (backwards) and it works fine.

    I had taken that .htaccess redirect out to prevent a redirect loop, but when I put it back in, all is working as expected. Thanks again for your help.

    Andrea Rennick


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    Also, in researching I came across this post from Andrea on this issue for WPMU,

    This is old old old and no longer relevant for this version. It *will* handle the www.

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