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  • My installation drive is about 200Gb and I have an admin on one of my blogs who needs to upload a sizable chucnk of pdf files. I’m wondering if it is possible to make the default file upload location a different partition? I’ve got on that is 1.5Tb. I didn’t see this in the config file but as a novice user maybe I just overlooked it? Is it possible to have the files uplaod to a location on another drive from where WordPress is installed?


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  • Yes, you can, though … do they NEED to be uploaded in WP? At that point, I may just consider FTPing them up, since WP uploading 1.5Tb would be as much fun as a root canal.

    Actually the drive is 1.5 TB. The amount they have to upload is alot less. How would I go about making a folder on the F: drive the default location? Is there a How-To on that? And this will work on the netowrk installation (multi-site)?


    Oh, I miss-read that 😀

    It’s in the site settings. Go into wp-admin/network and click on sites. Then click on edit for the site you want to edit. You should be able to change it in there under ‘Settings’.

    You’ll want to change Upload Path

    I would keep Fileupload Url the same, personally, as that SHOULD seamlessly transport people…

    Curently there’s nothing on F: so if this is right I would need to replace what is currently there, which appears to be a relative path, “wp-content/blogs.dir/12/files” and make it a network share like “\\machinename\F$\wp-content/blogs.dir/12/files”?

    If it’s mapped like that …. yes. Tentatively. I don’t pretend to be a Windows server expert.

    Maybe I could just use F:\…. instead of a UNC? But in either case would you recommedn keeping the directory structure the same, as in preserving “wp-content/blogs.dir/12/files”?

    Thanks Ipstenu!

    Ah, that doesn’t matter really. Honestly, I’d NOT move it unless I reeeeealy have to. It’s a hassle with MultiSite.

    I think I will just wait and it they need more space I’ll lobby to have the server virtualized!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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