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  • Plugin Author Cristopher Dino


    Hi Viccon30,

    I’m Cristopher, I’m the developer of the plugin. Thank you for using my plugin.

    Yes, you can position the download button.But, it requires a bit of coding. You can use this code:

    <?php echo pdfex_post_download(); ?>

    Place this code in you theme. it will display the button. You need to place it under the post loop.

    It looks like this:

    <?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>

    Here is the user guide of the plugin. You can use this for reference:

    If you liked the plugin, I’ll appreciate if you could give it a rate.
    You can rate it here:

    Thank you!

    Hi Christopher,

    thanks for the quick reply. Your solution works good for me. Thanks also for the link. 🙂
    Sadly I have run into another problem. I`m not sure if it is caused by your plugin, but I deactivated the other plugins and still get this error (in debug mode), when I try to download the PDF:

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'DOMPDF_Exception' with message 'Error parsing css file: preg_match_all() failed.' in ***\wp-content\plugins\post-pdf-export\dompdf\include\stylesheet.cls.php:1953 Stack trace: #0 ***\wp-content\plugins\post-pdf-export\dompdf\include\stylesheet.cls.php(613): Stylesheet->_parse_css('/*??Theme Name:...') #1 ***\wp-content\plugins\post-pdf-export\dompdf\include\dompdf.cls.php(1139): Stylesheet->load_css_file('***', 3) #2 ***\wp-content\plugins\post-pdf-export\dompdf\include\dompdf.cls.php(1391): DOMPDF->_process_html() #3 ***\wp-content\plugins\post-pdf-export\inc\core_class.php(574): DOMPDF->render() #4 [internal function]: pdfex_core->download_post('') #5 ***\wp-includes\plugin.php(406): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #6 ***\wp-settings.php(306): do_action('init') #7 ***\wp-co in ***\wp-content\plugins\post-pdf-export\dompdf\include\stylesheet.cls.php on line 1953

    I’m not a developer, so it`s difficult for me to track the “culprit” in this.


    Plugin Author Cristopher Dino



    Can you state what actions you apply before this happned?

    Can you try disabling the plugin and check if theres a error printing while the debug mode is on?

    The plugin might failed becouse your site has error wrinted with the debug mode.


    sorry to keep you waiting. The last week was a little busy.
    The error occurs when I try to download the pdf (a single article via the button or in the backend). After I first installed the plugin it worked fine. The error occured after a few days.
    There are no errors when I print a page. I also tried to deactivate my other plugins to see if they cause the trouble. But its still the same.

    Hi Christopher,

    today we moved the wordpress installation on another server. Now the plugin started working again. I’ve got no idea were the difference might be, but I’m happy it works.

    Thanks for your plugin and the quick help! 🙂

    Hi Christopher. The plugin works very nicely except that i either get all images with no word-wrap around images, or perfect formatting but with many images missing. By word-wrap I mean some images should float to the right and some to the left of text.

    Is there anything I can do to display all images that should be there, and get them to float relative to the text?

    Ok I seem to have found the answer. Firstly, in order for it to display, each image must have a caption.

    With “User theme’s CSS? ” checked in the plugin, the floats for my images do work.

    I opted for A4 paper size and portrait format.

    All my images now display, with images floating round text fairly well but not perfect.

    Oh I meant to say, things started working better also, when I fixed 4 typos in the file wp-content/plugins/post-pdf-export/inc/core_class.php

    There were 4 occurrences of “biv” which should have been “div”.

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