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  • Is there are an official way to put the title and description below the slideshow’s image area instead of overlaying it?

    An even better solution for my case would be to insert the description and the slideshow separately from one another.

    ‘<?php do_action(‘slideshow_deploy’, ’35’); ?>’


    ‘<?php do_action(‘description_deploy’, ’35’); ?>’

    Or something like that.

    Any thoughts would be helpful.

    Kind regards,

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  • Hi Pete,

    I strongly agree: It would be very useful to have more description text options. As a photographer or designer it sometimes is not satisfying to overlay a picture with text.

    This slideshow plugin is not only easy and flexible to use but also rather powerful. Some more features in the settings for the description would be a perfect fit.


    Pete, I tried a workaround — but this is not a flexible or even nice solution:

    Change “Proportional relationship” in the slideshow settings and you can have the description below the slide.

    My setting for “Proportional relationship” is 3:2. I change this to 3:2.35 which adds enough (static) space below the slide for two text lines. Constraint:

    • You can’t have more than two text lines in this case (with the settings in my example).
    • If there’s only one text line it will be shown at the bottom (<br/>   is not possible to get an empty extra line).


    Big thank you for this solution. Most photographers i know get a rather rabid look on their face, and traces of steam about the ears, when they see captions overlaying their photos 🙂 — it was a show-stopper for a web page rollout for the photographer i work for. I was about to wrestle with more css complication than i really needed to, and luckily did a web search first and found this.

    It also worked for me to leave the default proportional setting in the main settings, and just change the “Slideshow’s height” in the individual slideshow’s settings. This was good for us, as we have other slideshows on the site that do not want captions at all.

    Wasn’t going to put page link, so as not to be one of those advertising kind of people, but then i saw the notice about including link “so others can see the problem”, and hey, maybe would be useful to see a solution as well!

    thanks again!

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