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    This is not a forum for issues with Elementor, a third party theme framework and page builder. Questions here should be about how to fix WordPress itself and not 3rd party themes or plugins.

    You should contact the theme developer of Elementor to resolve your issue.

    Thst being said, the generally accepted method using a page builder is to create and save the WordPress Page first, so you have established a page. Then, you should layout or style the page with your page builder. It sounds like you are saving the “template” you created in Elementor, but never bothered to save your Page first.

    If you can’t see your Page under Dashboard > Pages, then you may not have saved the page name and registered the page in the WordPress itself.

    I would always create and save the page first, then start building with Elementor. You should have a Page in Draft mode if you haven’t published the page. And if you did save an Elementor template, you should be able to create a page and assign the Elementor template to it, but you’ll have to get support from Elementor in regards to building and saving templates and applying those templates to a page.

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    I recommend asking at so the plugin’s developers and support community can help you with this.

    Thanks Tony and Steven.

    I am pretty sure I created a ‘Services’ page first and started editing with Elementor from there and subsequently uploaded a theme. I’ll go and delete everything as it ain’t much work but I’m still a bit puzzled about it. Maybe the theme is buggy. I’ll check out the Elementor section of the forum as well, thanks for helping. 👍

    If you changed the theme after applying your changes in Elementor to a previously installed and active theme, then I suspect it should surely break something. When you’re working with a plugin like Elementor, it’s modifying the existing, active theme. If you work in Elementor and then change the theme, expect the probability that some bad things might happen. Is your theme Elementor capable.

    Yes I think it had something to do with applying changes after the work was done.

    I emptied my cache and uploaded the saved theme again and now it redirects to the assigned url. I am not sure what did the trick. Thanks

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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