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  • cyskon


    Is there anyway to move a comment? If a comment is posted at the wrong place, is there a way to move it to where it should go??

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  • cyskon


    I Just editted the database and changed the post ID to get this done, however, could a PHP Guru write a plugin to do this programmatically through the Edit Comments panel of the Admin Console???

    I second this! It’d be great to have this feature!

    I would like to see something where you can move it within the database. I have 2 WP blogs on one database and I would love to move comments in-between the blogs.

    And I would love to know how to move one post and the comments in between blogs as well. Anyone know? I have a few posts I would like to mirror on another blog, but bring the comments over as well.
    Same database, just different table names.

    I have also encountered a need for the ability to move comments between pages/posts (I occasionally get questions on my site that are off-topic in their current location, and would be better placed elsewhere). Does anyone know of a plugin for this functionality, if it’s not already tucked away somewhere in 1.5?


    did this ever happen??

    I would love this plugin to be released, where can we make a wish?

    I also support this suggestion about the plugin. However I do not know if anyone will ever read this thread.

    I have a prolific commenter who seems to post comments wherever he feels like. Does anyone know of a plugin to let me move a comment from one post to another? I can do it manually in the phpMyAdmin, but I’d rather not have to go through that convoluted process each time.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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