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    I’m moving my wife’s blog offline and onto her PC and downloaded WAMP to set it up. I successfully installed WAMP, but now I’m trying to figure out how to configure WP 2.3.2 to read her existing database, and where it should be located.

    Any tips for using WAMP to set up an existing blog on a local level?

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  • The WAMP documentation says to set it up my files in the www folder where it will be “localhost”, but I’m trying to figure out where I’m to place the database and how I’ll need to change the wp-config.php file to read it.

    I haven’t used phpMyAdmin very much, but I’m assuming that I’ll need to edit the database so that “” is changed to “localhostname”.

    Her existing database as the one on your PC (in this case it should most likely be ‘localhost’) or the one with your wife’s web host (that you will have to ask the host for the IP address of the database)?

    If you already have the database’s info, just edit the wp-config.php file with those info.

    What I’m wondering is: am I able place the database anywhere on the PC as long as I supply the correct path? Such as C:/localhost/wamp/www/projectfolder/databasename.sql ?

    Well, I’d never used WAMP (I am using XAMPP for my local testing) but I assume the logic has to be similar… and the M from waMp stands for the MySQL database. If not, then ditch the whole thing and install XAMPP – WP doesn’t work without MySQL database.

    No, you can NOT arbitrarily place .sql files all around your computer and hoping that WP will be able to find it by some magic. You have to have the database installed exactly as it is on your host, from where you got the backup. The database server will be “localhost” (as it is by default in the config file) but all the rest is up to you: you need to create the database, import the .sql file into it; and add the user, pw etc.

    What applications like XAMPP (and hopefully) WAMP do: transform your computer into a “local webserver” – so all the instructions about installing WP apply exactly as on the web. Just you have a bit more control…

    Also see:

    Moshu, thank you! I see that the XAMPP info page is very detailed, and there’s a version for Vista included. This should give me the direction I need.

    You all are very helpful!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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