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  • How far along is a Movable Type converter for WordPress? I really want to use WordPress, but I can’t until I can get my posts all into the WordPress database! Any news? It seems that development has started to slow down? Its not grinding down to a halt is it?

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  • i really hope it isn’t slowing down.. that would be very disappointing. 🙁

    Don’t worry, things aren’t halting. They’ve been a little slower, but there has been pretty steady development going on behind the scenes. Some of us are trying to tidy up some new code and gear things up for a new release. We don’t have a target date yet, it shouldn’t be *too* much longer.

    And will a MT-2-WP converter be in this next release? Sorry if I seem like I’m bugging you, but I would really like to use WordPress, I think its great!

    All I can say is… “Woo!” Thanks, mate!

    a livejournal and pmachine importer would be nice too *kicks pmachine* =P

    Just so you know there’s a script for converting from mt to b2 – maybe it could be tweaked to work for wordpress as well?

    Actually, it works as is. A couple of notes on my experience:
    1. I only tried it on a fresh install, so I don’t know how it would go on an existing installation.
    2. Don’t export the users, otherwise you won’t be able to log back in to WordPress. It’s easy to skip – just don’t click that link in the export script.
    3. I had thought at the start that I would install b2, then upgrade that to WP to be on the safe side, but it’s not necessary. Just install WP, run the export script, then run the b2-2-wp.php script (in the wp-admin folder) to convert the database.

    I tried that after I read your post and ended up moving them into my hostee’s weblog. So after clearing out all 88 extra posts for her, I went through and changed the name of all the b2 tables in the script. The result was ending up with absolutely nothing being imported.
    I’m ready to wait for the next release.

    I’m sorry your experience wasn’t as good. I did notice another couple of glitches. Some formatting was lost and apostrophes etc went missing. However, for me, it was just a test and nothing was to be lost from trying it.

    Hmm. I tried it again last night, carefully changing every table name and it ended up screwing up my origional wordpress installsion. So I reinstalled it with a different database and a different directory (I’d been meaning to anyway) and it worked, luckily enough. So in case anyone’s wondering I’m not sure whether it just doesn’t do well on previous installsions or if I just bungled it with my altering (entirely possible). The way I see it: try this at your own risk.
    (I’d log in but it won’t accept my password despite that I copied and pasted it from the email )

    Just wondering if there’s ben any more progress on the MT to WordPress Importer?

    ye wondering here to is that next release the .72 ?

    Ended up getting the script mentioned above – and got the user import to work as well. This was my sticking point, as one of my two blogs had 16 users registered.
    I imported the users along with everything else, then edited the passwords via the sql database.
    Probably nota big deal – but I’m a n00b learning everything as I go, so editing the database was a pretty cool step.

    Well did the tranfer…
    It works (except the categories which are the same after converting)
    the steps:
    install b2 (empty log)
    convert mt to b2
    install wp
    convert b2 to wp
    update wp 071 to 72
    and off you go 😉
    Things where you should look out for.
    If you have more then 1 log under MT make sure you , or delete 1 or fix the convert script so it checks on blogid.
    Don’t try and go converting directly into wp form MT cause (at least here) that gives trouble.
    Redo you categories after all is done.

    what if we already have an existing wp blog installed? is it possible to merge the entries of both the new (b2->mt->wp) blog & the current wp blog so that it becomes only 1 blog?

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