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  • Why not add this information to the codex so folks can find it where the docs are?

    I didn’t realize the Codex was a wiki. I’ll look into adapting my posts to its format.

    I am lost, completely. I must have a messed version of MT. Everywhere I read on converting from MT to WP, they all say it comes down to replacing the _ with a – , same as this guide, which is good by the way…:)

    Thing is the old MT url’s compared to the new WP urls are different. For example

    old MT URL: keys_to_webmast.html
    New WP URL: keys-to-webmaster-success-pt-2/

    As you can see replacing the connectors and putting a .html on the end won’t work for me. Seems my MT cut off urls, as everything I’ve read is the same as this guide. Am I the only one with this situation?

    And oddly after after trying a WP conversion on a test blog and reverting back, now my old MT url’s don’t work. hhmm

    Any thoughts?

    I am using MT version 3.15 and trying to move over to WP 2.3.3


    I guess I was lucky. I moved from MT 3.2 and found that after migrating to WP, the URLs for individual posts were of the same length (but for the .html extension, of course).

    If it were me, I’d try something like this:

    1. Export from MT.
    2. Import into WP.
    3. Export from WP.
    4. Delete all the posts from WP. There’s a plugin that will do this in one step.
    5. Go through the WP export file and change all your internal permalinks to the WP format. With regular expressions, this may not be as time consuming as it sounds.
    6. Reimport from the edited WP export file into WP.

    If this works, internal permalinks will be good. I don’t know how to get external permalinks pointed in the right direction. Maybe you could have a Rewrite Rule that redirects any URL that ends with “.html” to a page that explains the problem and asks the visitor to use the search field?

    Good luck!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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