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  • i was just wondering, with the new movable type coming out and running more on php now, does it make the people who REALLY love wordpress angry? do you think – good for them, they need php or do you think, way to get on the bandwagon? just curious.

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  • I am not angry. It is good to see movabletype evolving and adapting to demands. Movabletype still runs on perl. The pages served can be php pages, as an option, is my understanding of the issue.

    The other way of looking at it is that where WordPress leads, others follow 🙂

    What’s movable type?

    Caxton ….. didn’t he have something to do with it .. William Caxton ?

    Trying to stir the pot and getting no where.. 🙂

    In addition to that half assed comment. I think people who moved from moveable type to wordpress did so mostly because of the new mt pricing scheme and wp as an excellent open source alternative and the vibe here in the forums, which is helped a whole bunch by some super users. There is no way I will ever go back to mt. I am sure a lot of wp users feel the same.

    i was just curious because it seems like something that was once cutting edge (mt) has now tried to become something that stole som if its glory (wp), i assumed that the folks who responded would be the hardcore wp folks ….. and i just wondered.

    WordPress has stolen nothing, rather it has earned it’s own place alongside the other blogging apps. This isn’t a race, or a war; there are those who will be loyal to one or the other applications, but it’s not about setting up camps and launching attacks on each other.
    I’m hardcore WP, but I don’t even pay attention to any other blogging tools. If I someday have a need that is not met by WP, then I will look to other places. That being said, I would first try to see if that particular functionality could be ported over to WP before taking on another program.

    Well said, Nuke-Moose! My main reason for switching was because I’d always hated the terrible burden that rebuilding put on the server, plus the MT files were taking up an ungodly amount of space. Too much space for someone who had only been blogging for a couple of years, and sporadically at that. My MT install, all files, skins and archives, took up about 80MB of space, I kid you not. WordPress had a script to import my MT entries, comments and all, which it did with blinding and unerring speed. To this day, my files occupy only about 32MB of space, a significant savings, wouldn’t you agree?
    So I concur with David. The attractive things about WordPress were (1) no rebuilds; pages were served “on the fly” so it took up less room on the server; (2) I am just a new-toy junkie and saw something that looked like it might be fun to use. I started with Blogger, then moved to GreyMatter, then to MT , dabbled in pMachine but didn’t care for it, then settled on WP.
    I think one of the best things to happen to WP was the MT fallout, and WP was just there to pick up the pieces, a classic case of being in the right place at the right time!
    Unless you have alot of other pages you want to create (e.g., about me, etc.), then you only need futz around with the index.php page, whereas with MT there is a daunting array of templates that have to be messed with. (That was a big reason I didn’t like pMachine; it had a rat nest of templates to fool around with.)
    So hopefully I’m here to stay, like it or not. (I try to behave, really I do!)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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