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    I posted this already in the post about the 3.5 updates and not being able to inser5t the image and I realized since this is a different issue, I should create a new post for it (my apologies and youc an delete it from the other post).

    I am having the image map turn black when I mouse over it. How can I make this transparent? It is a company staff pic with names and positions in the company, when I put the mouse over, the tool tips works great but the outline of the person goes black.

    its posted in a temp post here:

    Great plugin btw, I searched for days for something like this!

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  • Plugin Author Spike


    Hi and sorry for late answer. Holiday season is busy as always. Good to hear you like the plugin!

    I’ve fixed the problem with black hover effects now. The black effects should be semi-transparent white now by default and you can also choose different color for each highlight.

    thanks for the update, it seems it isnt working for me correctly. I removed v.03 and uploaded the .04. In my dashboard I now have a new option in “Image Map Ameas” called “Highlight Styles” but selecting a new color box then clicking “add new style” only adds a new style from the blank option fields. it doesnt seem to want to save the color style I selected.

    What I am trying to do is to have no outline and a transparent or very very light opacity fill. Regardless of the option I choose (the box will be highlighted by red which I click it) the image map I created is still using a thick white outline with a 50%(?) white fill.

    This is much better then the black for me, but choosing options in the dashboard do not change it.

    Ive tested this is IE 9 and Firefox 17.01 Windows 7 if that helps you any 🙂

    Image Map Areas, not Ameas, sorry for that typo

    Plugin Author Spike


    Hmm. Did you change the style from the image map area edit page? The Highlight Styles page in Image Map Areas menu is currently only for adding new styles (and yes, the red border highlight there is useless and misguiding, I didn’t realize to remove it yet).

    To change highlight style of image maps you need to change them from Image map area edit page.

    ahhh ok I found it. I am able to go create a new one in the first area then go to each of the imagemaps and select that color. thats working for me nicely.

    If you are open to feature requests, having the option to edit and/or delete user created image map styles would be great. I had to fine tune and test to get what I wanted and now I have 9 new color choices.

    Overall, exactly what I needed, thanks so much for the help!


    Plugin Author Spike


    Glad you got it working!

    I’ve been thinking about the editing option, but haven’t managed to get it done yet. It will be included in the future uploads surely though.

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