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  • Any ideas as to what’s causing this? @circlecube @brownbagmarketing

    This one is the more critical one of the things I’ve added to the support forum… Hope you can help!

    Still hoping for someone to help solve this problem – I would suggest a solution myself if only I had the coding skills to do so!

    Hoping to hear from you @circlecube and @brownbagmarketing


    Plugin Contributor brownbagmarketing


    Your button has a “disabled” class on it. Any idea how it’s getting set?

    Hi @brownbagmarketing,

    Thanks so much for responding to this and for looking into the issue!

    Also, thanks for pointing out the ‘disabled’ class. I’ve looked into it and I believe that it is coming from the ‘Default Color’ option of your plugin. I’ve made a test with a new button where ‘Default Color’ is set to ‘Primary’ instead of ‘Disabled’ and that button works alright. See here.

    Now what’s strange is that I cannot seem to fix the problem by changing ‘Default Color’ to ‘Primary’?! In fact, it’s currently set to ‘Primary’ for both buttons, but the top one hasn’t changed. I’ve purged the cache and set the site to Development Mode, but that hasn’t helped. I did that last night and the problem is still appearing.

    Have you got any ideas as to what might solve the issue?

    By the way – as also suggested here – I think it would be great if it was possible to set a default custom class (and then completely disable the other styling options). If a feature like that was in place and if it worked right, then perhaps that would also solve this issue…?

    Plugin Contributor brownbagmarketing


    Are you using the ACF button plugin inside woocommerce?
    I’m thinking the woocommerce system might be adding it? I don’t see anywhere in the plugin where “disabled” can even be set.

    Plugin Contributor brownbagmarketing


    What happens if you delete your original button and just use the new “test” button?

    Hi there @brownbagmarketing,

    Yes, I’m using the ACF plugin button inside WooCommerce. However, I’d be surprised if WooCommerce is adding the ‘disabled’ class to the button. Especially because it appears in the exact same place as ‘primary’. Here’s an example of button 1 (which is the button with the issue):

    class="button disabled btn btn-default btn-sm opgavelink"

    And here’s an example of button 2 (which is working correctly):

    class="button primary btn btn-default btn-sm opgavelink"

    ‘primary’ is coming from ‘Default Color’ and that’s also, I believe, where ‘disabled’ would initially have come from for button 1. Hope that makes sense! So ‘disabled’ can actually be set within the plugin, under ‘Default Color’… I initially picked ‘disabled’ because I am using custom classes for all styling.

    So it seems to me, that for some reason, WordPress won’t register that I’ve now changed ‘Default Color’ to ‘primary’ and that is, I believe, what is causing the issue… Or that ‘disabled’ is included in the class even though it’s suggesting that it won’t be since it’s supposed to be disabled 🙂

    I would be happy to just make a new button and use that instead, the problem with that is, however, that I’ve used button 1 for many different products and it would be a lot of work finding and updating each of them individually. Finally, I’m thinking that perhaps this is a good opportunity to improve the plugin a bit?

    What do you think?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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