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  • I’m curious to know the general thoughts of the rest of the WP community on this one. What would be one tool (software or web-based, but not talking plugins/hacks here) that you would really like to have/use with your WP? An example can be a custom blog post tool or a custom newsreader. But these two exist all around, so what I’m basically looking for is a unique idea of a custom tool that would benefit you in your blogging experience. Your views are welcome 🙂

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  • Anyone?

    I want something that will automate the process of putting my blog entries into a hardcopy format, preferably a Word document or PDF with carried-0ver formatting and pagination. That way, I can print a hardcopy of my blog entries. I mean, what if I become famous someday and I need to publish my autobiography? Tada! There it is, already!

    I guess a blog post to PDF plugin already exists.

    A downloads manager!

    Hmm, my most wanted tool? Brad Pitt

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    @AthenaRolando – you think BP is a tool ? Thought most women figured he was okay :p

    I think Athena’s more interested in the ‘tool’ handyman Brad possesses, podz. 😉

    Athena Rolando was the woman stalking Brad Pitt.

    pezastic, you might want to take a look at WP2PDF

    i would like to have a tool that would let me edit all the post cateogires in one jiffy and not separately. also the upload page should be there as a pop up. the category hack is the main thing ‘coz previously i didn’t had catgories for my posts but when i decided to have so, i had to edit all of my posts individually which was pretty painful, so a post to incorporate tat would be very helpful.

    Anon if you just took a moment and registered here then your url would be linked from your very cool user name like ours are. Just try it. 🙂

    Most suggestions so far have been for plugins or hacks for WP. Anyone has any ideas for a software or web utility that would assist you in blogging. Thanks!
    BTW, Brad Pitt won’t count as a tool 😉

    Not a blogging tool, exactly… I’d like something that would enable me to import my authors from MT. There are about 100 authors. That’s a good bit of data entry, creating all those authors in WP. Even though MT doesn’t have an export authors feature, it would be easy enough to create a delimited file by simply creating an index page in MT with the relevant author fields… but I’d still have to enter passwords for everybody because there’s no way in MT to display passwords on a page.

    world peace.
    on the serious side, multiblogging.

    i know athena rolando. i just found out she is a phyco but now stalker.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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