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    i just updated to 5.0.1 and my website’s most visited page, linked to from the main menu, was no longer accessible. i checked, and all other menu pages still worked, just not this one.

    i had to turn off the plugin.

    i have lots of quick redirects, carefully in place, which worked seamlessly in the prior 4.2.3 version, because i migrated my whole site from mediawiki to wordpress.

    best regards,

    ps sorry for double posting, but after posting the first time, i found that thread to be marked “resolved”

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  • Oscar –
    Sorry for the issues.
    Try turning off the ‘use with jQuery’ option in the plugin settings and see if that helps.


    thanks for the quick reply don!

    i turned it off, but that didn’t work yet.

    then i looked carefully at the quick redirects and removed one redirecting from the old wiki url which used a capital in the beginning of the url to the new wordpress url which doesn’t, and found this solved my problem!

    being a perfectionist, i added this to my quick redirect list, so the actual url would always show the new one without that one capital, which now again is shown.. this to have “clean url’s”, also when people c+p direct links.

    but most important the page shows now with the 5.0.1 version activated!

    if you have any advice as to how else i can force my site to show the fully minuscule url, i’d be 101% happy (function goes before cosmetics, but still…) 😉

    very best regards,

    last update: i now tested it with jQuery back ON

    result: a clean minuscule url and it works!!

    thank you again for your advice don, i am now marking this as resolved 🙂

    all the best regards

    Thanks for the update Oscar.
    So to be clear, you just turned off a Quick Redirect that was using a capital letter and then reactivated the jQuery setting and it worked 100%?

    Did you have multiple redirects with the same request, just with different case (one with the upper case character and one with it as lower)?

    Just curious to see if we can replicate the issue you were having.
    Warm regards,

    hi don,

    as it turns out, i was too soon to say it worked.
    oh the site works, and well, after the update – but it seems to all come down to me removing this one quick redirect. here it is in detail:

    RED 301 on /Outline_of_basic_music_theory/ to

    broke that page down and made it inaccessible, which it was not on the earlier version of the plugin. solution: remove that one from the list (which has >150 301’s)
    here is a screenshot of what i got as error

    hope this helps finding the cause.

    i can live for now with it, but i would prefer to be able to reinstall that redirect to a cleaner url…

    very best regards!

    oops forgot to mention:

    no, this is the only one of its kind, the rest has either – instead of _ or is in a subdirectory now.


    Thanks Oscar.
    I think I know what is going on in your case –
    With 5.0+ we added a ‘case insensitive’ option that is on by default. Go into the settings and turn it off – then try adding your redirect again with the case you want.

    Let me know if that works for you – if it does, I’ll add it as a FAQ to the plugin FAQs feed.

    Thanks for your help on this!

    Actually I forgot we changed that to be inverted… you should CHECK the box for case sensitive and see if that works. Sorry – my brain is frazzled with all the issues at the moment.


    brilliant don, that works!! 😀

    i checked the “make all redirects case-sensitive” and re-added the original redirect: it functions like before!

    thank you so much for your swift replies and help, and i am happy to hear i could contribute a bit to the faq as well.

    you take care with all that work now dear don..
    all the very best!

    Thanks Oscar.
    Glad to help – especially after the crazy mess that came before it!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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