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    What is the most trouble free wysiwyg editor that offers basic features such as bold, italic, underline, links


    a) strike through and subscripts
    b) justification, indent, spacing
    c) images (with positioning)
    d) TABLES with cell spanning and all

    I have a bunch of html-illiterate editors that need to produce formatted text, including tables, without coding skills.

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  • I have no clue what’s “best”. For convenience, I often point folks to Windows Live Writer beta which is a windows client that makes blog posting pretty simply. I’m not sure how it handles tables though.

    I saw this editor plugin announced recently: seems like something you might want to check out as well.

    I need online editing, ie. no “clients”.

    Thanks for the fck-link.

    Does anybody have any other suggestions?

    Btw, FCK breaks Event Calendar 3 event editor… At least in my system… Don’t know why…

    How about Nvu? It’s a free open source HTML editor, similar to Dreamweaver or GoLive. Pretty nice!

    Editor monkey does not work in WP2.0.4+ and its development has ended. NVU is a desktop tool not suitable for collaborative efforts (with many people) where people change constantly (yearly at least) and need to blog even from public computers, Macs, PCs, Linuxes… Can I have an NVU as a java applet or PHP code, thanks.

    Still looking for alternatives to the “Deans FCKEditor for WP”. The Wysiwyg Pro is unfortunately too expensive for our ~60€/year (incl. webhotell) publishing budget.

    – The Mudbomb Wysi-Wordpress?
    – Xinha 4 WP?
    – Any other?

    I tried both Deans FCKeditor and Wysi-wordpress and Xinha. They ALL made Event Calendar 3 fail. Finally I found this:

    It offers great flexibility and it also does not break the event calendar 3 input form/jscripts. Now I just need to install a few TinyMCE plugins (such as “table”, “fullscreen” and so on).

    I have a problem, though. If I copy any of these TinyMCE plugins to wp-includes/jscript/tinymce/… then WordPress immediately drops me back to the basic editor. If I then rm -rf the plugin directory, TinyMCE will show up again.

    I guess I need to edit something somewhere to make this work. Any ideas?

    I’m not sure I understand exactly hat you’re looking for but the best WYSIWYG editor I’ve found for WP is by Mudbomb ( )

    Offers all kinds of formatting options and image options, including thumbnails. I don’t know what you’re looking for in tables but perhaps you can take a look at it. It saves me an incredible amount of time and has worked flawlessly since I first started using it.


    I agree with cielogrande, I’ve found Nvu the best – and free – although they are no longer developing the software. Good luck

    The latest beta of Xinha4WP works with EventCalendar3. Earlier versions were clobbering the onload list and breaking EventCalendar3.

    Xinha has great table support and all the features the original poster asked about

    I don’t like Mudbombs Wysi-Wordpress because it is broken:

    1) Instead of the usual “post” window, I now have a “post” and an “undefined” window (or text area or what ever they are called). They are not even of equal sizes. I want just one editor window for my post.

    2) the Mudbomb editor does not have bold or italic, no subscript either

    3) tool tips look like this: {$lang_striketrough_desc}

    4) my Gallery2 tool is not visible in Mudbombs editor

    5) no tables in this either

    6) the readme says that I should consult the HTML documentation, but no such documentation exists

    NVU is completely out of the question, because I don’t have permission to install it in all the public libraries, university computer classes and internet cafes in town.

    Oh, sorry, I have to disable “rich editor” first. Much better 🙂 I found out that I can customize this too, by editing wordpress.js
    Now I have subscripts, superscripts, charater map… and all the goodies. Except for tables and Gallery2 images… I did download the tables plugin and I followed the instructions, but “tables” is still missing from the toolbar…

    “Insert image” (image browser) doesn’t work either.

    What web browser are you using?

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