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    hey, I have your (and other) plugins set to auto-update.

    Your most recent auto-update killed 3 pages I have your PhotoGallery plugin installed on (all on different hosts, so it’s not host-specific).

    I ftp’d into the code and killed (then revived) each plugin to isolate the culprit. When I killed yours, the sites come back to life, but without photo galleries. Any idea what’s happening? I simply *can’t* be the only one this is happening to.

    here’s an example of a site your plugin killed, on which I have not yet disengaged the PhotoGallery Plugin. http://www.goosecreeksymphony.com

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi every one,

    Same problem on my site with auto_update. Our site is not accessible outside of society…
    L’erreur :
    Une erreur de type E_PARSE a été causée dans la ligne 228 du fichier /VAR/caprd/htdocs/intranextalk.copie.ccb1d1/wp-content/plugins/photo-gallery/booster/main.php. Message d’erreur : syntax error, unexpected ‘)’

    When photo galery is desactivating, the site come backt to life (without photo galleries of course).

    Photo Gallery version : Version 1.8.2
    Wordpress version 6.1.1

    Thanks for help

    Best regards


    Second time this has happened to me. Here’s the error:
    An error of type E_PARSE was caused in line 228 of the file /home/fwlmdddc2t71/public_html/wp-content/plugins/photo-gallery/booster/main.php. Error message: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’
    Had to roll back. Please fix asap.

    Plugin Support Zhanna Khachatryan


    Hi dear users,

    My apologies for the issue you encountered with our product.

    We are aware of the problem and will release a new version of the Photo Gallery today that will fix the issue. Please update the plugin once it is available.

    My apologies once again for all the inconvenience.

    Plugin Support Zhanna Khachatryan


    Hi dear users,

    The new version 1.8.3 is released, please update the plugin to solve the issues.

    Thanks for your patience!

    1.8.3 version killed my site !!! 1.8.1 was ok.

    Same problem. Killed site!!!

    Thanks for your work and you reactivity !!!
    Problem solved for me with 1.8.3 version.

    Best regards


    Yes, same, but I can’t update – site is dead at the moment.

    Last version of wordpress send a mail with a site recovery option wchich can be activated by a link given in the email. It disable the plugin and after that the plugin could be upadted.
    I wish that you can do that too.

    Plugin Support Zhanna Khachatryan


    Hello dear users,

    When the website is down and you cannot update the plugin, please use FTP/SFTP to access website files and rename the photo gallery plugin folder. This way it’ll become deactivated and you’ll access the site.

    The plugin can then be updated and activated again. Also, please rename the folder back to its original name.

    Dear users, please also note that we released the 1.8.4 version a few hours ago, which should solve the issues which still persist after the 1.8.3 update.


    The current version of the plugin on my wordpress site is 1.8.4. However when the plugin is activated, the website goes down immediately. Is there a way I can reinstall the plugin and keep all of my galleries?

    1.8.4 same problem.

    On my side, no more problem since 1.8.3 version. Site is in 1.8.4 version now.

    Still after update crashed website.

    version 1.8.5 working. Thanks

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