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  • I’m completely baffled by a problem that’s been occurring on my site since the new year started. My site is set up so the home page displays a single post from each of the main categories using multiple loops. I’ve also got another loop set up in the sidebar, but this is through the category posts widget. In the navigation bar, I have links to the separate categories and this takes you right to the category page for that category.

    My problem is, that whenever I publish a new post, the post appears normally in it’s place on my home page, in the category loop, but it doesn’t appear on the category page. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with this, as the problem has only been happening since the new year, posts from 2012 are on the category pages fine but they just don’t get pushed down when a new post is published. I’m having a slightly different problem in the sidebar loop, in that on the home page it displays the most recent post in that category but once I go through to that category page, the post at the top of the page is one that was published on the 30th Dec 2012

    Here is my site: – you can see that the most recent post on the ‘day in the life category’ is nowhere to be found in the actual day in the life category page.

    Any assistance with this would be incredibly helpful. I hope it made sense!

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  • Okay, this is bizarre but the problem has apparently fixed itself. Two weeks of not working and it finally clocks over right after I post asking for help. *sigh*

    I am having the same problem. How did ou fix it? please let me know. Thanks

    my url:



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    @advghana – if you need help, please start your own thread. Posting in another thread prevents the forums from being able to track issue by topic. If the problem is related to updating to WP3.5, start working through the steps in this thread:

    This problem has resurfaced. I don’t know how long it’s been doing it for as I haven’t been checking, but still no posts from 2013 have been showing up on the individual category page. Very strange. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    EDIT: It’s entirely possible the problem wasn’t fixed in the first place – I’ve just logged into my account and the posts are appearing on the category page just fine. To clarify – the problem still persists to everyone who is logged out… which is everyone except me.

    I’ve had the same problem I guess. Just tried resetting the plugin WP Super Cache from “On” to “Half On”, seems to be ok now. I run WP 2.9.1 (still…).

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