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    I have build this (see here.) site off-line with Xampp and today tried to upload it on a remote server.

    The site works but most of the images are not appearing. Only the footer and a background image on the left sidebar. I’ve gone through the CSS quite a number of times and I can’t seem to find what is wrong. I’m using the Toolbox starter theme: see here.

    I did a clean install of the latest WP, created a DB, edited the config, added the few plug-ins I need and the template files. And same problem. I also tried a previous ver. of WordPress. No go.

    Anyone here have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don’t know if I can help as i have never used Xampp or toolbox but I was wondering if you uploaded the images to your site?

    Thanks for the reply.

    I just checked again, everything is uploaded.

    I checked your script and found that it does not call for any images to be loaded onto the screen … no code <img ... so it may be in the javascript.

    It looks like your images are stored in http://wwww.Boererepublieke/wp-content/themes/Boererepublieke/images/ .

    I do not know whether Boererepublieke or boererepublieke does make a difference. Your javascript is calling for ‘B’… but your WP script is calling for ‘b’…

    Is your subdirectory /themes/Boererepublieke/images or is it /themes/boererepublieke/images ?

    I do not know whether this will help. I do hope it does.

    Do check WP may be looking for http://wwww.Boererepublieke/wp-content/themes/images/ sub-directory. You can test this out by coping everything in http://wwww.Boererepublieke/wp-content/themes/Boererepublieke/images/ to a new directory at http://wwww.Boererepublieke/wp-content/themes/images/

    Thanks for the advice so far 🙂

    I’ve tried a few things just to try and clear away some obscure inconsistencies.

    – I uploaded a fresh toolbox theme and uploaded my own CSS and all the images. No go.

    – I placed all the images into wp-content/themes/images/ (as was suggested) and tried again. Nothing.

    – I also tried to rename the theme and still nothing.

    – Then I changed the css relative paths to absolute http://www…. and there you go! It works.

    So now, after painstakingly going through every css line and trying to make sure all my html looks OK I’ve called it quits. I can’t find the problem.

    I downloaded another blank template (BlankSlate 2.0 WordPress Theme) and just quickly rebuild the site. It’s nothing big or fantastic, very basic so it’s really driving me up the walls as to what could be wrong.

    Thanks again for the suggestions.

    When you said “- Then I changed the css relative paths to absolute http://www…. and there you go! It works. ” I suspect there are relative paths that are looking for http://wwww.Boererepublieke/wp-content/themes/images/ .

    My understanding is that it worked then it didn’t. Try both, where you have all paths defined as absolute paths and have images under http://wwww.Boererepublieke/wp-content/themes/images/ because the theme software may be using relative paths internally and just looks for /images/…. and because the path http://wwww.Boererepublieke/wp-content/themes/Boererepublieke/images/ looks very odd to me. You do have a sub-directory http://wwww.Boererepublieke/wp-content/themes/Boererepublieke/images/ ?

    I have never used BlankSlate 2.0 WordPress Theme and I wonder if there is a set up URL path for images, …etc? It might be picking up images from a default URL set up. Also one of your CSS is set to ‘nodisplay’ I didn’t understand it but it got my attention.

    Oh man. New theme and same problem.

    I also created a new database, imported the list from my current (local) wordpress design and changed the URL and Home options in the structure to Now I’ve got a banner and footer but no other images. The new theme changed something but I can’t get my head around what.

    Everything else seems works fine – menu, content etc.

    I just looked at your new site and bottom left corner message in my browser was ‘connecting to local host’ and not a URL address.

    I changed the name of the BlankSlate folder to boererepublieke. It shouldn’t really be a problem or am I missing something?

    That local host referencing is purely because I never uploaded the media images for WP! Stupid me. But it still doesn’t really explain the strange referencing for the rest of the template.

    It also seems, as you probably saw, that absolute paths in the css does not seem to work either. Well, not anymore.

    My images reside in

    I’m beginning to think that my WP upload was somehow corrupted. I might clean the slate and start from scratch.

    Everything is working perfectly off-line on XAMPP so I might upload the whole damn thing (again) as it is and just do the necessary changes to the config and database where needed.

    Thanks for all the help so far.

    Jeez. This is impossible!!!

    – I have uploaded a whole new wordpress installation from a new – connection (not at home).
    – Created a fresh new database and made the necessary changes to the wp-config. Nothing from the xampp off-line database was used. It’s a clean slate.
    – Uploaded the theme… double checked the css image refs are correct.
    – Uploaded jquery drop-down menu.

    Same problem. ->

    I am really lost.

    Is there anything I can upload to anyone here that might help? Some files? I’ll even upload the whole webpage if need be…

    Have you tried:

    – deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    – switching to the Twenty Eleven theme to rule out any theme-specific problems.

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or PhpMyAdmin. Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.

    – re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folders from a fresh download of WordPress.

    OMG! You would not believe what was the problem.

    Some of my image names in the css started with a capital letter whilst the actualy file was lowercase. Why the hell didn’t my browser show this problem with the off-line WordPress site?!

    I kind of remembered what happened and how the files got changed. I had made some changes to the design in PS, exported the slices and never bothered to confer that the names were correct. How or why they got changed… I have no idea.

    Anycase. I had some extra time because they are still getting some stuff together.

    Thanks for all the input. 🙂

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