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    I am moving around 1500 pages from a static HTML site to WordPress.

    I’ve decided to use 301 redirects on all the pages.

    If I attempt to do this in cPanel it will take a very long time.

    If I manually edit the .htaccess file it will also take a long time and I’m sure I’m bound to make some mistakes.

    I realise that if the pages have some kind of commonality between what I’m re-directing from and then to I could use a rewrite rule to rewrite the pages. However, this isn’t the case as I’ll use this conversion as an opportunity to rename many pages in a more logical manner.

    Is there any effective and efficient way to achieve this daunting task?

    At the moment I’m preparing myself for manually rewriting every redirect in the .htaccess file in Notepad before uploading it once all the pages have been moved to WordPress.

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  • Samuel B




    Thanks Samuel

    But I want to move TO WordPress from a static HTML site. This appears to be more for redirects FROM a WordPress site (I’m not yet set up on WordPress).

    And the process of manually listing 1500 pages in it is no less daunting than doing the same thing in cPanel or in Notepad.

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    That plugin actually does this:

    “You want That’s actually! Here you go!”

    But yeah, you nailed it when you said without a commonality (or pattern) to redirect FROM, you can’t make a rewrite rule and have to add 1500 links by hand.

    If you do it manually, I’d do it in notepad and then copy it all into my .htaccess in chunks. :/

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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