• Dear fellow users of this plugin. Version 2.x locks away most of the previously available features that were fully functional. Now you need to purchase a pro version of the plugin. Please find the repository under the “development” section to find and download Version 1.7, which will allow you to use all the reset functionality for free. I recommended this plugin because it offered things for free that the more popular WP Reset plugin does.

    But with v2.x, it is no longer any more useful than WP Reset if you don’t pay for the pro version. If I’m gonna pay, I might as well pay for the more popular plugin at this point because this doesn’t offer anything better.

    The new addition paid features v2 adds like snapshots, wp reset also has as well.

    It is perfectly legal and moral to download the older version because the plugin is free and open source software, meaning you are allowed to use, modify, and distribute the plugin in any way shape or form!

    Original Review: Most comprehensive reset tool

    Alhamdulillah, this plug-in is amazing! Not only does it fully resets the database, but it also allows you to optionally delete files and folders from your WordPress directory safely. It’s safer to do it this way than to go into cPanel and delete files and folders using the file manager since this ensures you don’t end up rendering your WordPress installation inoperable by accidentally deleting a critical system file.

    May Allah (S.W.T.) guide the developer(s) of this plug in and bestow upon them His blessings! Ameen, ya rabbil al amin.

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  • Plugin Author Younes JFR.


    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive review of the plugin. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I’m glad to hear that the plugin has been helpful to you.

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