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  • I’m sorry, but that is the second reply you have posted to me that was really rude. I just wanted to point out the fact that I posted about this same problem yesterday. And did not get any replies. I figured posting in more than one area was a good way to get a post out to more people who might be able to help me. I realize you will probably just delete this and block me, but I wanted to point out that I have been researching this ALL DAY LONG, I am very frustrated, and I am just trying to find some people who have experience.

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  • Hi,

    actually I don’t see at all where Moshu was rude. He is among the most helpful and patient of all people here and as a mod just and conscientuous, and I’ve been reading his replies now for more than a year.

    Maybe you should start your customizations from scratch and check after each modification whether or not your feeds validate. That way you will know what causes the trouble eventually. I’d use the default theme for that, as it is guaranteed to work properly.

    And as Moshu already pointed out, this is something YOU can do and without much trouble except for the time you will have to invest.

    I was going to help in the other thread, but after seeing the second and then the third, I think it was.. I was like, nah..

    Not everyone replies right away, crap..I still have threads I started from waaaaaay back, and don’t have replies too yet.. LOL! I even went through 4 boxes of tissues, and still using them to this day.. *sniffle* …

    Moshu doesn’t post rudely.. he posts seriously. Why have the exact same thread, repeated 2, 3, or more times in the forum, when a person could just “bump” up the original one.. But! Not bumping it up, every few minutes..or every couple of hours..!

    Someone will and should be along soon to help you.. 😉


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    jentanne: I just responded to your other post with a bunch of hints, but hey, that post was only three hours old. You got lucky there. Sometimes I find posts that are three days old before responding to them.

    Patience is not just a virtue, it’s a requirement. If you want immediate response, find somebody who knows what they’re doing and pay them money.

    I realized last night that I had probably given Moshu’s reply a tone that he did not intend it to have. I guess the thing was that I am not someone who asks a question and then waits for an answer… I am the type of person who researches a problem all day and then posts when I can’t find an answer.

    I appreciate the help here. I wanted to say that the reason I posted more than once, was because I was starting to figure things out. My first question, I posted because no one had answered the day before and I had accidentally marked it as resolved. I tried to take “resolved” off, but it didn’t change. In the second post, I had gotten a little further in researching and was simply asking if my modifications were the problem. I also posted to this thread because I thought the forums were seperate, it wasn’t until today I realized that on the top support page, all of the categories feed into one. I guess that is why everyone thought I was being impatient…. I just thought I was putting my posts in two different places.

    The thing that upset me was someone assuming I had only been looking for answers for an hour. I have been working on this for two full days now. Your replies have made me realize I have been searching for the wrong thing all this time.

    Thank you for your help. And, Moshu, I appologize if I did not read your post as you intended it to be read. Please realize I HAVE been trying to work on this problem for myself, by myself long before posting here.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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