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    This theme is fantastic except seems pretty easy to break…I was making some very minor changes to the home.php file..just changing a name of one of the headers…I added a few pluions…wpAudioplayer and the Flash based Tag cloud…added a new post and after I went to look at the tag cloud and the new post on the frontpage…the new post appear as well as the featured and asides section below it but not my entire mid section which included the most recent posts, my Google ads, recent comments and the aforementioned new flash based tagcloud.

    I blamed the TAG CLOUD at first so I deactivated it, even deleted it, cleared the cache refreshed but the whole page does not load. Just the first column. It doesn’t even show the sidebar where the categories list sits as well as the text widget and then the meta widget.
    The page takes forever to load so it looks like it’s searching for the info but the whole mid section and sidebar never propagate. However, If I click on the top story it goes to the page and everything in the sidebar is there, categories, text widget, meta login.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    I think it def had something to do with the Flash based tagcloud. But it’s gone now! So what else can it be?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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