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    How do i install several WordPress blogs in the same host?
    Please note, i`m using Localhost and XAMPP services.

    I`m already installed one WordPress blog, but i want another one. Also i did lot of database changes, yes also i have changed prefix to the other Blog. But when i try to open or login to admin area in my just installed wordpress blog any link in this second blog is automatically redirects to my first installed blog.

    Why that? Any link clicked in second blog will redirect to first one, for example: for first blog link is localhost/wordpress and for second blog link is localhost/secondblog and in the second blog i try to click some link like comments or home link then it redirects to my first blog and hyper link can be even the localhost/secondblog/wp-login.php etc, it will redirect to the first blog in the anyway.

    Any idea? Why that?

    I did everything.

    Installed WordPress to the different databases.
    Changed the prefix in the wp-config.php

    Still nothing it redirects to first blog. Can`t login to admin area too, it automatically redirects to the first blog and go through it.


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  • The easy way:

    Just create a new folder inside xampp/htdocs for each WP (or any other PHP/MySQL script, such as Joomla!, Drupal, eFront, Prestashop, etc.) and extract the WP (or other) ZIP there.

    Create a new database for each one using phpMyAdmin then run the installer and away you go 🙂

    Access each by using http://localhost/name_of_folder

    Note also that you can have as many WP “blogs” or other sites in there as you hard drive has room for; that is the only limit.

    That’s it 🙂 … easy peesy

    Thanks 2ninerniner2,
    I have fixed this problem. Now i can run several WP`s in the same host. 🙂

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