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  1. tdarugar
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hopefully this is not too far off topic; I'm trying to better understand blogging modus-operandi.
    I have a thread in my blog that's got a nice healthy discussion going. The problem is that the discussion, meaning the comments, are not captured by the feed aggregators, so the participants don't get to see the updates in their readers.
    The suggestion has been to publish my comments as new posts (some of the comments can be long-ish). This doesn't sound right to me; I want all of the info in once place as opposed to scattered across posts. I'd call this wiki style.
    What's the approved thing to do here? Does blogging style differ, advising me to do multiple posts? I noticed this support forum has RSS for each topic. Is that the right thing? If you're interested in a particular topic, subscribe to its individual RSS?

  2. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 10 years ago #

    "If you're interested in a particular topic, subscribe to its individual RSS?"

    I do, and suspect a majority prefer it that way. On a busy site I don't want new posts flooded out by comments in their feed. I'd probably find it annoying even on a low-trafficked blog. If there's a discussion going on I want to follow, I take that extra few seconds to subscribe to it in my rss reader, and I tend to avoid the "full" comment feed.

    Here's a question in return: Why don't you display reader comments on your home page? That would certainly be a prime target for "all of the info in one place."

  3. R M-S
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Wouldn't it be better to show the comments in the RSS feed as a part of the original article? that way each comment would register as a change to that article and gain unread status; people could follow comments without having 100s of feeds that would eventually become derelict.

    I am still shopping around for a platform upon which to build my site; can WordPress do what I describe? How hard would it be to add that sort of functionality?


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