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  • Hi,

    Please open your database and find the table “#__posts”. Now please make sure that, you have “post_content” as “[videomore]” for post ID 128 alone. If you have the same content for multiple IDs, then please delete it and check. If you are still facing the same issue, please contact us via our ticketing system. So that we can check from our end and update you.



    Hey thanks for reply

    I have fixed this issue already.

    Thanks for great plugin

    I think this is what I will need to do, unfortunately


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    So I went into my database>_posts and did a search for any pages/revisions containing [videomore]

    a couple of them appeared, so I deleted them from the database. The only one that is there now that has [videomore] is the one that is live at

    (i even changed the slug back to the original slug this page carries when it is created by plugin)

    The widget links, author links, and category links are still either forwarding the user to the home page, or returning a 404.

    For example, widget links are:

    When they should be:

    I don’t know what else to do……..out of options.

    Thank you,



    So I deactivated it, and activated it again.

    It again created two pages:



    video categories

    All of a sudden, widgets, category links, author links etc started working because they immediately recognized this page as the necessary video categories page.

    The plugin was unable to recognize the page I had created which had the [videomore] shortcode, no title, and everything else.

    It seems the plugin needs to create this page itself during the installation/activation process in order for it to start reading it recognizing it.

    I deleted the previous (no title) page I had created.

    Now everything is working fine and i don’t want to touch ANYTHING. This plugin is very sensitive!

    I want to edit this new video categories page (video-more) that it created to change some SEO things, but i’m afraid that if I change ANYTHING, it will stop recognizing it………..and don’t want to go into that whole process again!!


    So out of curiousity, I tried to edit this new page the plugin created when I deactivated and activated again…

    Why? Because I wanted to disable the commenting on this automatically created category page (/video-more). So i don’t even go to the actual edit screen because i’m scared it will break everything. I just go to admin>page>quick edit and check off commenting for this page.

    Guess what?

    Broke everything.

    Widget links, author links, category links all went to home page or 404.

    I tried saving permalinks, nothing.

    I tried saving permalinks to default, then trying the links, nothing,

    I tried saving permalinks to default, then back to my permalink structure, nothing.

    This was all too familiar.

    I deleted the video categories page that had been working prior to this edit (so that it was completely trashed prior to these next steps).

    Deactivated plugin

    Activated plugin

    Sure enough, it created two pages again–videos and video categories.

    Now it all works again.

    Basically, this video categories page is so sensitive that you can’t even EDIT it or it will break everything, at least on my site.

    There must be a way to correct this…The widget links/author links/category links are way too sensitive. There must be a way for them to correctly identify which page has [videomore] on it.

    Such a sensitive plugin. 3 days, it’s finally working.

    I’m done.

    It’s great….but it’s been a pain.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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