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  1. jasondunn
    Posted 9 years ago #

    First off, I LOVE WordPress. I've been using various CMS' over the years (Blogger, Greymatter, etc.) and WordPress is utterly fantastic and I applaud the people who put effort into making it better. You guys seriously rock.

    But... ;-)

    I'd like to see future versions of WordPress take into account users who do the same thing, the same way, every time, and want to save those preferences.

    For instance, I size my images offline to fit on my blog properly (www.jasondunn.com). So when I upload a 500px wide image, that's what I want to put into my post. But I have to click twice, every single time, to tell WordPress that I want the full-sized image in there, and no, I don't want it to link to anything. Then I have to bring up the image properties window and set border=1. It would be AMAZING if I could have all those things saved as my own personal preferences.

    There are other, smaller things in the same vein - I always want external links to open in a new window/tab (_blank) so why not save that preference as well?

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