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  • Ok, so this seems to be firefox, and I guess therefor flash, specific.

    Any known issues with having more than 8 flash fallbacks per page?

    I am having the same problem on firefox. I have created two playlists and the 9th will not play. Will play in Google Chrome. Is there any work around for this issue in firefox?

    Can’t post page yet because the albums are not released yet. But would like to know if anyone found a solution.


    Me too. I need to insert 13 players on the one page, and only the first 8 will play. I’m on WordPress 3.5.1 and using Firefox 21.0. OK under Safari.

    I get the same effect in IE8, for me its some if not all flash based players wont execute (open and play), I have to refresh the page a couple times to get them working.(This is also a behavior not isolated to my computer as I have tested among different comps.) And I only have 3 on a page minimum. Yet when I look at other demos of the audio player in IE8 they run fine.

    Plugin Author pupunzi


    Hi all,
    This doesn’t depend by the plugin itself but by the flash player used by Firfox to render the .mp3 file.
    I’m sorry but I can’t really solve this issue.

    I got a friend to test it on her new PC running Windows 8 and Firefox. Worked fine, and very fast too! OK under Chrome as well. Another friend was OK with IE on a PC, but complained the large files were slow to load. Maybe my problem is related to the fact that I’m using Firefox on Mac OS 10.6.8?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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