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  1. lalex
    Posted 9 years ago #

    By default WordPress have harden permalink structure (only one at each time).
    But I have drupal installation with path module enabled. This module enables many url aliases for one post.

    Can I implement this in WordPress?
    I create script that importing content from drupal to wordpress with taxonomy support (this is not hard), but I don't see ways to transfer all url's for each posts. This is only one wall to migrate from drupal to wordpress. :(

    I see this ways:
    1) include script (in index.php) with query DB and redirect to post default url
    2) plugin redirection and store alternative url's in custom fields
    3) mod_rewrite
    Third way is don't good - the file is big :) but 1 and 2 ways is ways that decrease performance...

    sorry, my english is not good.

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