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  • I’m working with my son’s school to setup a site with WordPress. I’d like to have individual pages for each grade with the ability of the teacher for each grade post new entries whenever they wish. Reading the FAQ, it doesn’t seem as though WordPress is natively capable of doing this.

    Is there some hack / plug-in that will help me achieve this goal? If not, is there another way to accomplish my goal?

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  • Just to be sure, did you check out WordPress MU?

    No, I haven’t, but I will. From a quick look, it might be too much for what I’m going after, but thanks for pointing it out 🙂

    I want this to look like a standard site, with multiple blog pages, so MU just might be the ticket.

    You may want to look at these alternative solutions, too:

    All of these options seem o.k., but are going to add complexity. Are there any plugins to a standard WP install that will make what I want happen?

    Surely someone has written something to allow a few people to have blogs on one domain (wordpress site).

    You got the link(s) to all the existing solutions.

    You want a complicated thing (multiple blogs) yet you expect a “simple” solution… Whatever is possible on a single (non-MU) WP install is at the link above, complex or not.

    Why not have a category for each grade and tell the teachers to post to the appropriate category.

    When a visitor selects a grade category, they would see a blog for that grade only. Visitors could even bookmark their grade of interest.


    Dennis, I think that just might work. Not sure why I didn’t think of it (guess I’m still a newbie at this).

    I’m going to sandbox it and see how well it will work.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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