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  • Plugin Author Great H-master


    Thank you for using Paid Memberships Pro. You can have offer both Stripe and PayPal Express by using one of our code gist plugins:

    This gist can be installed as a plugin. Please note your primary gateway must be set to Stripe. Hope this helps. Thanks again.

    Thanks GHM

    Without sounding like a total douche, how to do I install it?

    I was looking at – and managed to install this guys plugin for github installs, but it doesn’t show up in Plugin search. Nor was there a “download” open specifically for the file like this posts suggests, so I wasn’t sure what to do with it to call the file on the wordpress site -

    Do I need to add it to a PRPRO file or create it’s own plugin folder?
    Not fully understanding here what my necessary requirements. I’m not s github user.


    Follow up – ok.
    I made some progress. created a file – paid-memberships-express – on my ftp and dropped the php file into it. It was found in the plugins. Now to configure.. I’ll let you know how I make out.


    So you just made a folder inside the /plugins page, and dropped the php file into it??

    Yes, basically. I created a folder, then uploaded the php file into the folder .
    The name of the file could be anything you like. Then activate.
    And then it shows an option of Stripe or Paypal on the plans selection page

    I just discovered it’s easier than that. If you go to the page that Great H-Master linked to, and click on “PMPro-add-paypal-express”, it takes you to a page with a download link (here). Download the file to your computer, then go into wordpress and upload the file as a new plugin. You don’t have to create a folder or file.

    But, I don’t see where to put in my paypal info. On the payment gateway page, there isn’t a second option.

    Thanks for the link Tracibunkers.

    My info was entered in
    dashboard>> memberships >> (tab) payment settings >> paypal express — I’m guessing the two options just appear I guess if both payment gateways are entered.

    Zoomlanski: on payment settings, you had a place to enter BOTH paypal express & Stripe info? I didn’t.

    Well I had to select each payment setting from the drop-down and enter the information separately to each gateway. If you want me to email some credentials you can have a look.

    Oh, okay. And then they both showed up as options for the customer?

    I have a bigger problem though, but I don’t want to hijack the thread. I started a new one about that.

    Yes, then they showed as a a radio button choice at the checkout.

    Hmm, for me, I get one or the other.

    In the payment gateway, I’ve put in my stripe info, and saved the settings. Then I selected paypal express, and put in my info and saved it. So then paypal shows up as the only option. If I go back to the payment gateway settings and select stripe, then that’s the only payment option that shows for the customer.

    Well, I only had one membership level, and it was free. I changed it to $1 to test it out, and low and behold, I had the radio box like you to choose paypal or credit card. But oddly, when it was free, sometimes paypal would show up. Now when I changed it back to free, neither do, which makes sense.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Hi, guys. Glad you figured some of this out. FWIW, you can get a ZIP file from GitHub or here which you can then install via Plugins –> Add New –> Upload in your dashboard.

    RE setting the gateways. You setup PayPal Express first and then click save settings. Then setup the other gateway and click save settings. The PayPal info is saved “in the background”.

    RE the issue where the PayPal option sometimes shows up for free levels, I’ll try to look into that. We don’t want it to show up if the level is free. The logic for that is very complicated (has to take into account discount codes, other customizations, other plugins trying to hide/show things at checkout). I’ll try to recreate the issue you had and get a fix out there.

    I set up stripe first, and then paypal. That caused the paypal graphic to show, even when I clicked on “credit card”. And clicking on credit card wouldn’t do anything. I went back into my payment settings, and selected Stripe, and now they both work fine, switching back and forth. So credit card is the default, then clicking on paypal makes the credit card info boxes to go away, and the paypal logo shows. Clicking back on credit card makes the paypal logo go away and the credit card area shows.

    I just had it happen again where a payment area showed up (credit card) for my free membership level.

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