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More than one category?

  • Hello! I love this plugin! It’s really well done.

    I was just curious if there is a way of having more than one post category to display sliders from?

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  • I just pushed version 0.5.1 to the wordpress repository. That version of the plugin will allow you to specify a category using a “shortcode” to display the slider.

    If you upgrade to 0.5.1 and put something like this in your content:

    [snivo id=”div_id_1″ category=”promotions”]
    [snivo id=”div_id_2″ category=”promotions2″]

    will allow you to have multiple sliders with different categories.

    If you were thinking about multiple categories for a single slider, I never really thought about it? Would this be useful?

    Awesome. thank you! Yes, I can see the need for being able to have more than one category display in the slider. For instance, my client has a company news category, and a project news category, and it would be nice to be able to display slides from both of these.

    What would the syntax be to use your example in the template tag:

    <?php if (function_exists('simple_nivo_slider')) simple_nivo_slider(); ?>

    thank you!

    Something like this would work today:

       if (function_exists('simple_nivo_slider')) {
          simple_nivo_slider("slider", 3);
          simple_nivo_slider("slider2", 4);

    However, the numeric-only categories might not the most usable in the world, so I’ll fix those to accept textual (and multiple) categories in a (not too distant) future release…


    That is very helpful! Thank you Thomas! I will check it out.

    So in this method, I’m defining each slide, and the category it’s coming from?
    So in this, it would be the first slide and from category with the id=3?

    simple_nivo_slider("slider", 3);

    This would be the second slide from the category id=4

    simple_nivo_slider("slider2", 4);

    is that correct?

    Correct. 🙂

    The first parameter is basically the ID of the DIV, in which the images are placed in the generated code. For multiple sliders, you’ll need different IDs.

    The second parameter is the posts category.

    I’ve just committed version 0.5.2 which allows textual categories (slug) and multiple categories as well…

    With 0.5.2, this should work:

       if (function_exists('simple_nivo_slider')) {
          simple_nivo_slider("slider1", "promo");
          simple_nivo_slider("slider2", "promo,news");

    I’ve tries to explain this stuff in the readme too, so check it out – And please let me know what you think.


    need help please.

    i still little bit confuse about simple_nivo_link, and there’s no complete references on google about this

    how can i modify simple_nivo_link of <?php if (function_exists(‘simple_nivo_slider’)) simple_nivo_slider(); ?> that placed on my html body?


    Hi there… The simple_nivo_link should be added to the posts you need to specify a link for, as a custom field.

    Or you can install a plugin like Page Links To and have that handle the link stuff for you (also done for each post, but more intuitive) 🙂


    hi thomas,

    so the code in the post page should be like this?

    No, you need to do this in a post, where you can add a custom field. It’s not a code thing… Perhaps the FAQ explains it?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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