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  • Plugin Author eventualo


    You can use a sample placeholder bundled in plugin package. Read more:
    Then you have a [LATEST-POSTS] placeholder that include a list of latest published posts. They are ordered by date and you can set how many posts and filter by category. I hope it helps.

    Obviously, quite a few users of this wonderful plugin have this request for the possibility to insert more post-info into their newsletters.
    And most of us lack the capabilities to create or adapt custom placeholders.
    I can see that to have the placeholder [LATEST-POSTS] insert more info than just the post-title (extract or content) you would have to edit the ‘foreach’-loop in the custom-hooks file. But that is beyond my knowledge of php/wp.
    Another option might be to make the post-placeholders ([POST-TITLE], [POST-CONTENT] etc) configurable by adding post-ID’s or make the post-dropdown-list multi-selectable.

    So this is definitely a request for the future.
    I just made a small donation for inspiration 😉

    Plugin Author eventualo


    Thanks a lot for the donation 🙂
    You are lucky: there is already a placeholder I think you can like.
    You can use multiple [CUSTOM-LINK] inside newsletter to insert links to posts and/or external links.
    1) a link to post ID 1 of your blog:
    [CUSTOM-LINK href=1]
    2) a link to
    [CUSTOM-LINK href=""]
    For more arguments see in placeholder metabox in newletter edit screen.

    Well, but that results in a list of clickable post-url’s or post titles, just like [LATEST-POSTS].
    What is wished for is the possibility to display more information from several posts (e.g. extract, content).
    This is now possible, with the post tags like [POST-EXTRACT] or [POST-CONTENT], for just one post.
    So the result should look like:

    Title of post 1
    Blah blah blah (content or extract of post 1)

    Title of post 2
    Blah blah blah (content or extract of post 2)

    Title of post 3
    Blah blah blah (content or extract of post 3)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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