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  1. firepol
    Posted 11 years ago #

    WP is designed so that it's possible to manually promote up to level 9. Anyway, it's possible to change a level by changing the appropriate column in the appropriate table of the database. I did so, but i didn't achieve what i wanted...

    The point is the following: my friend has the ID=1, level 9. I have usr ID=2, and level 10 so that I can edit his posts and I have full admin rights.

    But my friend can't edit my posts. If i want him to be able to modify what I post, I have to post it under his name...

    I'd like to see in the next version of WP that for levels higher than 9 (usually used for admins) each user with the same level of another user (e.g. all users with level 10) could edit each others posts/comments, and have the same rights.

    So I'd like to be admin of a blog with my friend and get email notifications when a user registers. Actually he is getting all the mail notifications but I get nothing at all. And he has level 9 (but he has user ID=1), but I have level 10...

    A more advanced implementation would be to use a groups system, or to make it easier to manage levels. In example make sure that all people with level 10 get the email notification; all people with level 10 are able to edit all posts and all pages in the blog...

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