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  • Hello,

    I’m going to use WP as CMS for a large informational site, with what I counted would be more than 300 pages in 36 sections. I would do this as pages (sections) and related subpages inside.

    The question is: would it still be effective to do with WP, the database, server ?

    What should be tweaked on server for a better performance?

    Any help much appreciated.

    thanks in advance,

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  • As far as I understand WordPress and the technologies it uses, I would say that you could have as many pages as you liked and it would still be very fast. You shouldn’t need to tweak anything.

    See this thread with some links to performance topics:

    thanks for help. I hae a vision that WP might be a strategical mistake for a big popular site.

    Well, yes and no.
    Don’t forget WP is not a CMS, never was intended to be – it’s just a blogging tool. The Pages feature was introduced a while ago because of popular demand to make easy to create something like an About or Contact “page” with static content, i.e. which is not part of the chronological stream of the posst.
    As I see it it’s just a side “addition” to the main core function – which is still blogging.
    Up to a certain extent WP is, of course, flexible enough to handle other tasks, too, but probably there is a limit.
    On big and popular blog sites it performes much better than with Pages.
    N.B. This is not an “official” statement – just my $0.02.

    moshu is right, WP is intended to be used an a blogging tool so it’s harder to use it as a CMS. For example, I use WP to manage my pages as well as my posts, and there is a very noticable delay when I go to Manage Pages — I have about 100 pages so it takes a while to retrieve them all.

    But in terms of displaying pages to visitors, there shouldn’t be a problem, since WP handles them in the same way as posts, and many WP blogs have hundreds of posts and aren’t slowed down at all.

    By the way I think this is a wordpress based CMS site which may give you some additional ideas.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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