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  • Can I run more than 1 WordPress in a Database? If yes, how does it work?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Look inside wp-config.php, you will see ‘table_prefix’
    By default, it says ‘wp_’
    Change that to whatever you want, eg:
    Then just install 🙂

    Actually, that’s just multiple blogs in the same database. If you want to run more than one database, then you just have to create a new database, but you can retain the same table prefix names.

    ccheaton, as I understood the question too, Anon wanted to run multiple installations of WordPress in a single database.
    Podz has provided the correct solution for doing that.

    Now I am confused. Is it possible to use the same prefix names in two blogs then, thus allowing for two completely different blog styles using the same database content ?

    You’re right about the question. Sorry. Basically, there are two options:
    1) Use the same database, and have 2 blogs with different table prefixes.
    2) Use two different named databases (WordPress, WP2, for example) and then use the same table prefixes for both.
    I don’t know which is faster, but if the blogs aren’t both yours, it might be better to use two different databases, since when dumping the contents, etc… it will be easier to keep the data separate from the other blog.

    Thx for the answer, as ccheaton said I want to have 2 or more WPs in one Database. Are there any limitations how many WPs I can put into a Database?

    Mark (podz)


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    Only your database size. I have run 6 in one db without any issue and I’m sure others have done similar.

    @ shadow as I understand it the answer to your question is no. You can set up any number of index pages calling the same data from the same database. But the url for the comments and stuff will remain the same for all of them. You would therefore have multiple index styles but only one comment style. HTH.

    Well, all Shadow wants to do, it would seem, is to use multiple styles like Alex King does. Did he write the style switcher? I can’t remember.

    Yes, there is a WP Style Switcher plugin on his site (

    Sorry, I was just asking a question based on the previous comments.
    I have no need for a style switcher. I already have one in use.
    Thank you 🙂

    hi, i have followed the instructions as given, changed the ‘table_prefix’ to wp_2, but when i try to configure the logins etc of my new blog at
    i get an error message which reads “No input file specified.” any tips?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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