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  • Plugin Author Martin Tod


    Using shortcodes, it is possible to show more than one tweet at a time, but it is not possible to show more than one tweet at a time and rotate them!

    Try a shortcode like:

    [rotatingtweets screen_name='mpntod' no_rotate='1' tweet_count='5']

    ugh.. this only shows 1 tweet at a time?


    At least it works though.

    Plugin Author Martin Tod


    Can you send me a link? It shows five tweets for me.


    I agree, I love this plugin, it’s well done, lots of options, and well supported, but is there any way it could be set to show more than one at a time AND scroll… I have a large space to fill and have been trying to figure it out. I’m very knowledgeable with PHP/jQuery so if you could just point me in the right direction that would be awesome! Thanks 🙂

    Plugin Author Martin Tod


    It’s doable, but non-trivial.

    Currently the plug-in relies on using version 1 of JQuery Cycle and there’s no way I can see of making JQuery Cycle use a carousel effect.

    There is a new version 2 of JQuery Cycle which can do this so the trick would be to rewrite the javascript to use it – as well as the code sending variables through to the javascript. The new plug-in supports this directly – rather than using intermediate code as I currently do – so in principle, the replacement Javascript could be fairly minimal.

    The thing that slightly holds me back is that lots of other plug-ins use the old version of JQuery Cycle and replacing it with a different, non-compatible version could break all of them! You certainly can’t just drop it in as a replacement. It may just be a question of renaming the function in the JQuery Cycle 2 code to something like cycle2(!) – but I haven’t taught myself enough about jQuery plugins to know if it could be that simple. I think there may also currently be fewer choices of transition than the old script, so I’d be concerned not to break earlier installations if people upgraded.

    I guess one way round this might be to make it a setting on the options page, so that people could continue using the old version if they preferred – while some of us went off and worked out how to make version 2 work properly!

    So all in all, not impossible, but not something that I can get to particularly soon.

    However, if someone else were to do it, I’d be very interested to find a way to build it in to the next version! 🙂

    Plugin Author Martin Tod


    The development version now does this – very basically – for shortcodes only – and only if WP_DEBUG is set to true in the wp-config.php file!

    Once WP_DEBUG is set to true and Cycle2 is selected on the Rotating Tweets options page, then put rotation_type = 'carousel' in the short-code and it might work!

    If any other plug-in or the template is using jQuery.cycle, then it probably won’t…


    YES! This worked! You are a F&*&#NG GENIUS!

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